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Canada's Tax and Duty Advantages: Enjoy the Benefits of Foreign Trade Zones... Anywhere in Canada!

Is your company involved in international commerce? Are you considering a new investment in Canada?

Canada not only has a business-friendly tax regime, but also has goods and services tax (GST) and customs duties advantages. For example, Budget 2009 eliminated the tariff on a wide range of machinery and equipment. Canada also offers three of the most export-friendly programs in the world. They are:

  • the Duty Deferral Program;
  • the Export Distribution Centre Program;
  • the Exporters of Processing Services Program.

In combination with provincial and municipal incentives, Canada can offer the benefits found in foreign trade zones around the world — but with a key difference…

Canada’s duty and tax relief can be used anywhere in Canada. You can now enjoy the benefits of foreign trade zones exactly where you need them. You can apply each or all of these programs to suit your business needs.

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Canada's Tax and Duty Advantages: Enjoy the Benefits of Foreign Trade Zones... Anywhere in Canada!

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Canada/US Comparison of Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Related Programs and Policies

The Governments of Canada and Manitoba announce new measures to attract investment and boost trade

October 8, 2009 - The Honourable Stockwell Day, Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, and Gary Doer, Manitoba Premier, today announced a further $3.5 million in funding to assist with the startup and operation of CentrePort Canada, a 20,000-acre inland port and trade area focused on leveraging Manitoba’s role as a hub for international transportation, manufacturing, distribution and warehousing, to create jobs.

Two new pilot projects were also launched. The first project will establish a task force to provide simplified one-stop shopping for businesses interacting with CentrePort Canada. The second project will explain Canada’s tax and duty relief advantages to businesses in Western Canada and raise awareness of policies supporting international trade, including foreign trade zone-type programs. Foreign trade zone-type programs offer duty and tax relief to support Canadian businesses and can be used anywhere in Canada to suit business needs.

The CentrePort Canada Initiative – Winnipeg, Manitoba

In April 2009, Prime Minister Harper announced new funding to help expand CentrePort Canada into one of North America’s most important trading centres. Working together, the Governments of Canada and Manitoba will invest over $460M into Winnipeg’s CentrePort Canada and related projects.

Building on APGCI and related projects, Canada and Manitoba are moving forward by designating CentrePort Canada as a ‘Single-Window’ test-case for international business development.

CentrePort Canada will provide companies with cheaper, faster and more efficient access to the North American marketplace through Canada’s integrated trade and transportation gateways and corridors.

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